Start something that matters!

I am a person that loves to be a part of other's success. I love stories, wine, laughs, creating memories, and loving on friends!  

I started life as an entrepreneur after years of “trying.” For years I had ideas, plans, thoughts that never became actions. And every time I started and didn't finish I felt stuck, defeated and disengaged. So finally, in 2017...I started. 

What was the catalyst? A few things actually. I was tired of settling and knowing that if I didn't actually start, it would be the one thing I would regret. I found people that supported me honestly, authentically, and unconditionally when I moved from one space to the next. I addressed all of my fears and personal insecurities. Finally, I knew I was ready to build something I believed in with people I believed in. Starting and keeping things moving remains the hardest part. I continue to speak my own truth, own my own emotions, climb over my hurdles, and push forward.

I don't know where this is going...I never do, but I know that I can be as big as my dreams.

I want to matter. I know that business can matter. I hope to live thoughtfully and authentically in this space as I do so!

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