When I first decided to write this blog I struggled with a few key questions:

Who really cares?

What should you name it?

What will you write about?

Is your grammar good enough to write a blog?

Although I decided that the answer to the last question was definitely “no,” I suppose I decided that the other questions were worth exploring.

Who really cares? The immediate answer to that question was: my mother. Although I know she would appreciate a personal email and phone call daily, I began to realize that the list didn’t stop there. Davis, Allie, Lauren, Claire, Kasey, Sarah, Allison, Lynell, the list continues. These people are not necessarily bloggers or blog readers but they are fully invested friends that appreciate the written word and a shared story. In addition to the family members that I miss daily that will probably never read this, it is nice to believe that this blog can serve as a letter from me when writing hand written letters from Spain may not work out.

What should you name it? Who gives a flying flip. That was actually an option. I thought about clever, practical, and outrageous names. And then I just decided on something simple and hopefully what this actually becomes: A letter from a Raven.

What will you write about? As for now, this blog primarily serves as a means of keeping the afore mentioned people posted on my life in Spain. Yep, Spain. For the next year I will live, teach, and learn in Spain and I hope to share the good, the bad (not to much of this, right?) , and the inbetween as that journey unfolds.

Is your grammar good enough to write a blog? No.

Ah well.

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