A Tale of Two Lugares


I then think of my other love—the place I left to come here. Although I am from Louisiana and it will forever be my first love, I gave my heart away to Mississippi at a young age and part of it will always be there. Giving my heart to Mississippi was a conscious choice and a tough one at that.


My relationship with Madrid is currently lustful. It is new and exciting, but is also endearing and it is real. Its food fills me in new ways, its respect for all life makes my heart smile, its respect for family and relationships makes me weak. My love for Mississippi is earned and it is deep. It is wrought with battles of the heart and the mind, it has grown and developed through triumph and hardship, it has the joy of shared history and experiences that cannot be erased or ignored.

I am in love with two places at once and my heart is growing and expanding as I continue to develop my love for each. I miss Mississippi and our relationship. I adore Spain and the life it has presented me. I dare not choose between the two.

#Madrid #Mississippi

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